Thinking Game for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grades

Critical thinking brain games | Science | English| Math games for 1st to 3rd grades

Critical thinking brain games

Thinking game for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grades By artNsmart

Critical thinking brain games

What will we learn in thinking games for age 6-9?

We will learn letters and words in English, play math games (including multiplication), design art, memorize opposites, synonyms, singular and plural, entertain ourselves with thinking games, practice fine motor skills, become familiarized with the human body and brain anatomy, journey through the planets and constellations, increase our vocabulary, encounter proverbs, practice listening and visual memory games, puzzles and more… just watch!

This is an adventure of a range of thinking games suitable for children in 1st to 3rd grades, where the user helps Donny (the friendly dinosaur) and the city’s residents repair the damage caused by the storm. The only way to return the city to its original condition is to provide creative solutions for the problems. These critical thinking brain games include more than 60 activities in various fields related to language, math, English, science, logical series, memory, time, and more.

Our technology enables us to address the child by name and provides personal feedback throughout the game. In this way, we boost the child’s self-confidence, increase his attention and concentration, and develop his independence.

critical thinking brain games

Upon purchase, you will get the download files to install on your computer

מדעים ולימוד אנגלית

לימוד אנגלית | משחקים באנגלית

Learning English | Vocabulary

* Becoming familiar with English letters
* Attention & listening comprehension
* Counting & learning numbers & colors
* Learning English easily

Our series combines a wide variety of English learning games for children, with 150 new words in different categories, which are integrated into creative activities and problem solving.

Critical Thinking Brain Games

Learning math | Math games

* Practicing math in 4 actions
* Learning different series
* Mastering the multiplication
* Change games

Learning math and practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, enjoying math through fun games.

the critical thinking brain games

Language skills | Verbal enrichment

* Learning synonyms & Opposites
* Correcting common spelling errors
* Listening comprehension
* Fulfilling instructions
* Becoming familiar with allegories, proverbs… 

Critical thinking brain games for learning Hebrew at the kids’ favorite playground

our critical thinking brain games

Art & creation | Developing imagination

* Using creatin game software
* Encountering artists & their works
* Auditory memory practice
* Formal distinction & multiplication of details

Thinking game for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grades serves as a great tool for developing imagination and creativity.

critical thinking brain games

Thinking game | Common knowledge  

* Learning anatomy of the human body
* Learning the flags & countries WW
* Knowledge of the planets & constellations
* Sorting into categories, life cycles and More…

Thinking games for ages six to nine serve as efficient tools for expanding knowledge and promoting independent life skills.

משחקי חשיבה לגילאי 6 עד 9

Upon purchase, you will get the download files to install on your computer

The thinking games for 1st to 3rd Grades

Develops Learning Motivation

Develops Attention and Concentration

Encourage Independence

Encourage Creativity and Imagination

“We wanted to say Thanks! to all our customers who chose us to develop their children’s skills. Thank you to the 18,000 children who play our games every day, the educational institutions in Israel, the museums, and preschool teachers that chose us. We work hard and enjoy creating the games…”    The artNsmart Team 

משחקי חשיבה

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