Moving Up to First Grade

Educational games for first graders | Learning to read | First-grade preparation

Educational games for first graders

Educational Games for First Graders

Educational games for first graders

What will we learn in the educational games for first graders?

We will learn math – addition and subtraction, play with reading, design metrics, practice words, play with geography, practice motor skills and coordination, get acquainted with the clock and the food pyramid, raise a dog, learn to recognize traffic signs, practice our memory and more…. Just watch!

The Moving Up to First Grade game is tailored for ages 5 to 7. The background story is of Donny (the friendly dinosaur) from the land of dinosaurs who lands on our planet. Your child will help Donny deal with the transition and process of becoming acquainted with strangers. He will learn reading, language, social and behavioral norms, and contents and activities related to preparation for first grade. This program includes more than 60 study games, focusing on practicing and strengthening skills, and coping with new life situations.

Our technology uses the child’s name and assists in providing personal feedback throughout the game. This helps boost the child’s self-confidence, increase his attention and concentration, and develop his independence.

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הכנה לכיתה א במשחק מחשב

math Educational Games for First Graders

First Grade Math | Math Games

* Experimental understanding of adding & subtraction
* Familiarity with & solving metrics
* Math & combinatorics
* First-grade math exercises

This program incorporates math games for first grade for studying and practicing addition and subtraction up to 20, and prepares the user for math learning.

educational games for 1st graders

Learning to Read | Vocabulary

* Studying first grade reading
* Auditory comprehension
* First grade reading comprehension
* First grade Hebrew games

Reading and writing of about 200 words using the phonetic and holistic approaches. Learning the Alphabet at an early and critical stage.

educational games for first graders

Preparing for first grade | Expansion of knowledge

* Geograpy & road signs
* Time & schedules
* Our family & food piramids
Sorting into categories, and More…

Educational games for the first grade is for teachers, parents, and children preparing for first grade.

Moving up to 1st grade

Moving up to 1st grade | Emotional preparation

* Accepting others & differences
* Shyness & separation
* Writing words that describe feeling & emotions
* Dealing with competition, failure, & success

The game is based on a story that deals with the emotional aspects of transition. The leading character talks to the audience group – listen and use its guidance.

first grade preparation

Which Skills will be developed?

* Coordination & motor skills
* Spatial orientation & directions
* Visual & auditory memory

* Distinction of details & timing

The Moving Up to First Grade Game includes a variety of activities to develop the child’s readiness for first grade both motorically and psychologically.

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Upon purchase, complete download and installation onto your computer.

In The Moving Up to First Grade Games: 

Develops Motivation for Studying

Develops Attention and Concentration Skills

Encourages Independence

Encourage Creativity and Imagination

“We wanted to say Thanks! to all our customers who chose us to develop their children’s skills. Thank you to the 18,000 children who play our games every day, the educational institutions in Israel, the museums, and preschool teachers that chose us. We work hard and enjoy creating the games…”    The artNsmart Team 

לקוחות לימודיסק משחקי מחשב

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