Learning the Alphabet Games

 Learning the alphabet easily | Teaching letters to kindergarteners | Letter games

Learning the Alphabet Games

Learning The Alphabet

 Learning the alphabet easily

What will we learn in the alphabet games?  

In the alphabet games we will learn the Hebrew letters, play creative games, design a driving license, memorize the alphabet, entertain ourselves by solving maze problems, practice fine motor skills, learn directions and spatial orientation, increase our vocabulary, encounter letters and colors, and practice memory games, puzzles and more… just watch!

This game is appropriate for children aged 4 to 6. This time the adventure takes place in a large maze, a fascinating, challenging, and experiential car journey, where your child will help Donny search for the lost letters. These alphabet games have more than 40 different learning challenges through which learning the alphabet becomes an enjoyable experience. During the journey, we will learn all the printed and written letters and write our first words.

Our technology enables us to address the child by name and provide personal feedback throughout the game. In this way, we boost the child’s self- confidence, increase his attention and concentration, and develop his independence.

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לימוד אותיות לילדי הגן

Learning letters | The alphabet

* Learning the alphabet
* Memorizing letters in the corect order
* Learning the printed letters
* learnin the written letters

Our large variety of games combines the learning of the Hebrew letters with creative activities and problem solving.

Learning letters | The alphabet

Learning words | Vacabulry

* Learning the alef bet
* Combining letters in words
* Opening sound
* Writting first words

The game teaches the alphabet and expands vocabulary while children listen to the background story, in a way that helps them cope with the issues of attention and auditory comprehension.

Learning words | Vocabulary

Emotional empowerment | Letter games

* Experience of success
* Development of attention & concentration
* Independent learning
* Enjoying the learning process & More…

The alphabet games create a framework for collaborative activities of teachers, parents, and kindergarteners.

Learning The Alphabet & words

Developing imagination | Creative activity

* Use of creation games software 
* Cutting, pasting, and painting activities
* Instructed & free creative activity
* Coping with success & failure

The game integrates a task story. The leading character tells the story while instructing, teaching, and supporting your child.

Developing imagination | Creative activity

Improving fine motor skills

* Motor control of the fingers
* Strengthening hand-eye-screen coordination
* Familiarity with directions
* Spatial orientation
* Using 60-page workbook & More…

Letter games are an efficient and enjoyable tool for learning the alphabet and preparing children independent life.

artnsmart | Improving fine motor skills

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Upon purchase, you will get the download files to install on your computer

Using the alphabet letter games, we:

Develop Learning Motivation

Developing Attention and Concentration

Encourage independence 

Encourage Creativity and Imagination

“We wanted to say Thanks! to all our customers who chose us to develop their children’s skills. Thank you to the 18,000 children who play our games every day, the educational institutions in Israel, the museums, and preschool teachers that chose us. We work hard and enjoy creating the games…”    The artNsmart Team 

משחק לימוד אותיות

Learning the alphabet easily | letter learning game | letter games