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Making reading an enjoyable experience

Phonological Awareness | Sounds and Consonants

לומדים לקרוא ביער זימיזמה

Learning to Read Hebrew With ZimiZama

Teaching Hebrew Reading Skills to Ages 4-7 !

Learning to read Hebrew Using experiential computer games for children aged 4 to 7. The game teaches and encourages children to acquire reading and writing skills. The background story, the amusing characters, the collection of games, songs, and feedback provide children with a rich learning environment that helps them learn the basics of reading and writing. Just watch

The game ‘Learning to read Hebrew in Zimzima forest’ combines the phonetic and holistic learning approaches in Hebrew in a manner appropriate for all children.

The process of acquiring reading skills is comprised of four main components, according to the children’s age and their capacity. It is also suitable for children with learning disabilities.

The children learn how to read and write with the help of a background story, an accompanying character, games, songs, visual memory supports, illustrated characters and animation. The game includes ideas and means for collaborative activities that assist in practicing, monitoring advancement and strengthening relationships between parents/teachers/children in real life.

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משחקי למידה לכיתה א

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ZimiZama | What will we Learn in the Game?

Phonological Awareness

  • Learn to recognize the structure of sounds in the word.
  • Have fun with rhymes and rhyming.
  • Encounter with phrases.
  • Introduce to opening, closing & in the middle sound of the word.

The phonological awareness stage is an important and basic stage in the process of learning to read Hebrew. Do not skip it, even if your child knows the alphabet.

Learning to read Hebrew in Zimizama Forest

A Comprehensive Tour of the "Letters Trail"

  • Entertain ourselves with the names and shapes of letters
  • Learn about consonants and sound
  • Practice how to write letters correctly
  • Identify letters in the beginning, middle, and end of the word.

We will learn the names of the letters, their sounds, their shapes, and their location within the written word: beginning, middle, and end.

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Adventurous Encounter with the Vowels

  • Attach letters to vowels
  • Assemble words
  • Read sentences and short stories
  • Practice reading comprehension

Learning to read Hebrew using the five vowels of the Hebrew language and learn how to read words, sentences, and short stories.

Adventurous Encounter with Hebrew | Vowels in Hebrew

Meet the Vowels & Memory Supports

  • Kamatz, patach and hataf-patach will be illustrated by Ari The Lion.
  • Hirik and hirik maleh will be demonstrated by Iggy The Iguana.
  • Holam and holam maleh will be demonstrated by Uri Idea
  • Segol and tzere will be illustrated by Effy the Chick.
  • Kubutz and shuruk will be read by Udi Pupik.

Use the assistance of the game characters, who serve as memory supports and help children remember the five vowels.

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Picking Books from the Books Tree

  • Practice reading short stories
  • Design the book pages
  • Practice auditory and reading comprehension
  • Develop our imagination and creativity.

Use the series of five digital game books, with which the children can practice reading, as well as reading and auditory comprehension.

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The Children’s Zone

  • Taking a break with fun games.
  • All songs in one place for continuous listening.
  • List of memory supports for practicing.

Whenever you want a break from the reading exercise, enter the Children’s Zone. You will have free access at any stage of the game.

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Goal Games

  • 9 work booklets.
  • 40 suggestions of exercises.
  • Means of strengthening interpersonal relations.
  • Joint adult-child activities.

Each stage of the game ends with a series of games illustrating real life. They are intended for monitoring the child’s advancement and as a joint leisure activity.

Kids Learning to Read

Parents, Teachers, & Tutors Zone

  • List of all learning activities.
  • All Activities divided by subjects.
  • A personalized program can be built for each child.
  • Parents’ monitoring via Goal Games.

Visit the parents zone there you will find all activities and games according to subjects.

Learning to Read Hebrew

עוברים לכיתה א

What People Say About | ZimiZama

Pre-nursery/pre-school kindergarten teacher –Ilit Gompel

“Playing this game in kindergarten is an experience for me and the children. We have focused on chapters on phonological awareness and learning the letters and their sounds.”

I created a framework that uses games in two ways – as an individual activity of the child with the computer, in which he advances according to his level, and group sessions where I use ideas from the Goal Games. “

“I really liked the songs in the game, they are catchy, and the children picked them up easily”.

“I highly recommend integrating the game into the kindergarten routine because of the experiential content and nature of its activity.”

Marva Ido Lefer – mother of Maya, 1st grade student

“As a mother, I felt very much involved in every stage of the learning process. I felt that the experiential game enabled Maya to internalize the learning process. The game emphasized and clarified details that were not clear to Maya in class.”

“I felt that it was necessary to dedicate time for monitoring Maya’s advancement, and this contributed to the bonding between us. Once a week I dedicate my time for this joint session. It is clear to me that we became closer, the disciplinary problems and arguments decreased, and we started looking forward to this weekly session.”

דבורה בן שבת small

A pleased grandmother – Dvora Ben Shabbat

"I bought this game as a gift for my grandchild and he was very excited. Every time I come to visit, we spend some quality time playing this game. My grandchild shows me what he learned in the game and seeing my contribution to his achievements is rewarding.”

Didactic diagnostician and remedial education teacher – Yaara Alon

“For me as a professional, the concentration of all tools in one system (starting from phonological awareness through learning letters and ending in consonants and reading stories) is a great advantage. This allows me to create a tailored program for each child, combining computer games with printed work sheets, and the joint activities for adults and children are an interesting, simple and innovative solution.”

“The game engages the child in the learning process via experiential learning and diverse activities. The child can play independently, the instructions are clear, and combined with a background story the child enjoys a fun learning activity without the experience of objection, frustration, or failure”.

Senior and clinical psychologist and involved grandfather – Dr. Shlomo Ariel

“I was happy to come across the Zimzima software for learning the fundamentals of reading. The software is great in terms of linguistics and didactic s, as well as making the content accessible to children at the relevant ages. The material is taught in a gradual manner – starting from familiarity with consonants, vowels, syllables and punctuation, and ending with words, sentences and short texts. The graphics and animation are appealing, and are accompanied by songs and enjoyable games.”

Dr. Shlomo Ariel, previously a lecturer of Hebrew and General Linguistics in London University and several universities in Israel, currently a senior clinical psychologist, specializing in game therapy for children (www.enjoymychild.com).

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Developing Motivation for Learning 

Developing Attention and Concentration

Encouraging Independence

Encouraging Creativity and Imagination

“We would like to thank all our customers who chose us to develop their children’s skills, the 18,000 children playing this game every day, and the educational institutions, museums and kindergartens in Israel. We work hard to create these games and enjoy what we do.” The artNsmart team

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