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News For Parents and Educators

The art and creativity games for kids online have been updated.

The Rabbit House creative games are free, and you do not need to pay a fee to continue enjoying the game on the site.

The changes on the website were made based on your recommendations, and to modify the game for speakers of different languages.

We modified the site to allow more children from Israel and around the world to enjoy it.

Now you can learn other languages with our rabbits, such as Hebrew, English, and Arabic.

We added print and save buttons for our creation software.

This way you can save your work, send it to friends and family or continue to work on it with other creative tools outside of the framework of computer activities.

We will create a zone for parents and professionals to provide information regarding all activities and games on the website, and ideas on how to get the most out of our online creation activity.

To our delight, over the last two years thousands of new members, organizations, and educational institutions have joined the loyal users of the Rabbit House.

We encourage people who, like us, see the importance of the ability to create in a child’s development.

We are planning to designate a space for an exhibition displaying the children’s creations, and a ‘surprise corner’.

We are happy that your children play and enjoy, and that is why the art and creativity games for kids online was created.

Good luck, the rabbits are waiting!

Art and Creativity Games for Kids

This is a zone for parents, teachers, and professionals that provides information about all activities and games on the websites, and ideas on how to get the most out of them.

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Guiding Principles – Why Did We Build the Rabbit House Games?

The creation games are based on advancement according to ability while maintaining the level of the game.

The number of buttons and options per creative work varies and increases between games.

It is according to the age of the child playing the game.

The players stay engaged with the game, enjoying the creative activity.

They are receiving the training required for developing the mind and mastering the skills necessary for the creation game.

The games require the children to practice using the computer mouse on a high level and develop motor skills, concentration, and attention.

The creative activities are diverse and related to the development of various skills beyond the enjoyment derived from creation.

The games create an environment for the children that is rich with stimulation and new challenges.

The creation challenges take the players out of their ‘comfort zone’ while allowing them to take breaks between the activities.

The games and the leading characters (the rabbits) reward the players on different scales.

All these things encourage your children to return to the game, plan a creative activity for the short or long term (a creative activity that develops into an imaginary story).

The games provide an emotionally, physically, and spiritually rewarding experience, and promote learning that can be implemented in various situations in real life.

It also helps to develop a good comprehension of details in science or literature class, properly using the brakes on your bike, and more.

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