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Creating Games for the Development of Children’s Skills

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Educational Computer Games for Kids

 Our New Game !!
Learning To Read Hebrew
Children Learn to read easily!

How do you teach children to read and write easily?

The ‘Learning to Read in Zimzima Forest’ is an Educational Computer Games for Kids that teaches the children in an innovative and exciting way. The character of the background story, Yoyo (the cute monkey) takes the children on a journey through Zimzima Forest. During the journey they meet characters that help them learn the vowels and read. They learn how to read through games, work sheets, songs, stories, and suggestions for complementary activity in the real world, all at a discounted price for the first 100 purchasers.

Educational Computer Games for children

Foundations for Preschoolers
The Richest Game for Learning the Basics

משחקים לילדים בגיל הרך

How do we create an enjoyable learning experience?

A surprising and enjoyable educational journey for kids aged 2 to 5. This is a fascinating and challenging activity in which your child helps Donny (the beloved dinosaur) in his search for his family. The game includes a range of activities in a variety of fields that are the fundamentals for preschoolers. The game is comprised of three levels of difficulty.

educational games for kids' early learning

Letter and Word Game
 Most Recommended by Kindergarten Teachers to Learn the Alphabet

משחקים לילדים בגיל הרך

The Challenge of combining learning and repetition?

This time we have embarked on a challenging journey in a complex maze, searching for lost letters in a game for children aged 4 to 6. We have managed to combine a learning process with a fascinating and fun experience. The game includes various learning challenges aimed at expanding vocabulary, writing your first words, developing motor skills, learning letters, spatial orientation, basic logic, etc.

מוכנות לכיתה א

Preparing for First Grade

The Leading Product in Israel for Preparing for 1st Grade

Preparing for First Grade

How to combine computer games with feelings expression?

Moving up to First Grade deals with the emotional transition to a new place and is suitable for ages 5 to 7. The game revolves around the story of Donny (the beloved dinosaur) who has arrived from the Land of Dinosaurs. Your child will help Donny deal with the transition, the process of learning a language, the fundamentals of reading, new habits, behavioral codes, etc. It is an Educational Computer Games for Kids were the content and activities of the game focus on practicing and strengthening existing skills and coping with new roles in life.

Computer games for children

Thinking Games for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grades

The Richest Game for Expanding Knowledge

Educational computer games for kids

How to incorporate knowledge and thinking into game play?

A storm caused extensive damage to the city, and your child is invited to help Donny (the beloved dinosaur) and the city’s residents to fix it. This is a challenging and fascinating adventure story that incorporates thinking games and is appropriate for children in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades. The games includes more than 60 activities in a variety of fields, such as language, mathematics, English, science, logics and time.

The Limudisk Series is Comprised of Four Games

Years of Work with One Clear Purpose

Creating Good Games for Developing Children's Skills

Thanks to all 18,000 Children who Chose to Play with us Every Day

Thanks to all our customers who chose us to develop their children’s skills, the children who play our games every day, the educational institutions in Israel, the museums, and preschool teachers. We work hard to give you the best.

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